music at trinity

Out of all of the arts and activities of this world, music is the only one that Scripture clearly states will continue into eternity. As the eternal art, music gives us a small glimpse into the courts of heaven. At Trinity, we offer opportunities to be a part of our musical worship and  we hope that you will consider joining us as we celebrate the eternal art.

  • Sanctuary Choir -Trinity’s adult choir rehearses weekly and sings in worship twice monthly from September – May.
  • Bells of Joy – Our handbell choir rehearses in preparation for Christmas and Easter.
  • Brass Ensemble – This group plays for various Sundays throughout the church year.
  • Chamber Ensemble – All instrumentalists are welcome for this ensemble, which plays on various Sundays.
  • Youth Choir (Ages 7-12)  and Little Levites Choir (Ages 4-6) – These two choirs are part of Trinity’s Jubilation Sunday Children’s Ministry. Each spends part of their Sunday morning in song, using music to enhance their monthly Bible story. The choirs will typically sing during Worship monthly.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO PARTICIPATE in our music worship life, please contact Cantor Peter Wykert at 676-4609 or email: