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Trinity’s Jubilation in Your Home & at Church is your family’s opportunity to share God’s Word, mercy and life together in Jesus, making disciples at home with support from Trinity’s Family of God at church. If you have questions or ideas about Jubilation, please contact DCE Scott Rauch at 309-251-2623 or The Jubilation in Your Home! family bags are available for pickup in the Foyer.

Jubilation at Home IN February

On Maundy Thursday night, Jesus intentionally gave His disciples a washing of their feet to show them a "human being" example of what His kind of loving is like. Take time to share with your child about what serving like Jesus is all about.

  • From a Bible or online Bible, read God's story of Jesus washing the disciples' feet from John 13. The reading will take a few minutes.
  • Watch the story video "Jesus Washes Feet" found on the Trinity Jubilation YouTube channel (link found above).

  • Encourage your older child to read in The Action Bible,  (pages 619-624).
  • With your younger children (2-6 years old) read “Jesus Washes Peter's Feet” an Arch Book.
  • The youngest children can read pages 286-293 in "The Storybook Bible." 

Parents, remember each month at home your family can:

  • FAMILY PRAYER TENT CARD: Use the suggested Lord's Prayer petition with your child.
  • Put the REMEMBERING WORK SHEET on your refrigerator and see if your family can speak together John 13:35 twice a week.
  • LUTHER'S SMALL CATECHISM: Read these parts of the Catechism with your child/ren - Holy Communion parts 3, 4 & 5 (page 22).
  • Read the KIDS IN THE DIVINE SERVICE -- Agnus Dei sheet as a family.
  • Download, print and have your kid work with any of the 14 ACTIVITY SHEETS or make one of the extra crafts!

Psalm/Hymn/Spiritual Song:

We have some meaningful songs you can use with your children at home.
Find them on the Trinity Jubilation YouTube channel : CLICK HERE

  • "Lord, I Come (Wash my Feet)" - David Brackenbury
  • "The Basin and the Towel" - Michael Card
  • "The Servant Song" - Richard Gillard & Betty Pulkingham

Jubilation at church


Feb. 4: Serve and Play Day, Story Review, Snack Pack assembly then Playtime (2-3s - Bethlehem Room; 4-11s - Sanctuary Basement)
Feb. 11 & 18: Opening Fun Song & Prayer, and then Singing Rehearsal (2-3s; Little Levites [4-6]; Youth Choir [7-11])
Feb. 25: Family Encourager Day / Story Review, Alleluia Display craft, snack and time with Family Encouragers
NOTE: Lent begins on Wednesday, Feb. 14 with Ash Wednesday worship at noon and 6:45 p.m. and a dinner at 5:30 p.m. Lenten services with a children's message continue each week after that until late March.

Check out this month's downloadable materials

Kids In Divine Service

Family Acts of Kindness

February Activity Sheet

summer kids day camp

Wednesday-Friday / June 12-14 / 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Choose to attend 1, 2, or all three days. Each day's schedule will be different.

Trinity Lutheran Church & Great Oaks Camp are partnering to offer this adult-supervised, child-friendly day camp for all families with kids currently in 3rd & 4th grade.
Transportation from Trinity will be available as needed.
Contact DCE Scott Rauch at / 309-251-2623.
 Use the following link to register today: 

Swimming ~ Fishing ~ Boating
Hiking ~ Crafts

Group Games ~ Bible Story Time
Evening Cookout for families.