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Trinity’s Jubilation in Your Home & at Church is your family’s opportunity to share God’s Word, mercy and life together in Jesus, making disciples at home with support from Trinity’s Family of God at church. If you have questions or ideas about Jubilation, please contact DCE Scott Rauch at 309-251-2623 or The Summer Jubilation in Your Home! family bags are available for pickup in the Foyer.

Jesus' earthly father, Joseph, faithfully served God by following God's counsel and direction. Take some time to explore this side of the Christmas story.

  • From the Bible, read about Jesus' birth from Joseph's side of the story from Matthew 1:18-25. 
  • Watch the story video "Joseph's Story" found on the Trinity Jubilation YouTube channel (link found above).

  • Encourage your older child to read in The Action Bible,  (pages 532-535).
  • With your younger children (2-6 years old) read “Once Upon a Clear Dark Night” an Arch Book.
  • The youngest children can read "The Beginners Bible," pages 271-276, and pages 176-183 in "The Storybook Bible." 

Parents, remember each month at home your family can:

  • Family Prayer Tent Card: Use the suggested Lord's Prayer petition with your child.
  • Put the Remembering Work Sheet on your refrigerator and see if your family can speak together Matthew 1:21 twice a week. 
  • Worship Liturgy Focus: Read the "Kids in the Divine Service - Collect" sheet as a family.
  • Luther's Small Catechism: Read these parts of the Catechism with your child/ren: Office of the Keys Parts 1-3 -- pages 19-20.
  • Craft: Make the "Family" Christmas Tree Craft as an entire family using the supplied items.

Psalm/Hymn/Spiritual Song:

We have some meaningful songs you can use with your children at home.
Find them on the Trinity Jubilation YouTube channel : CLICK HERE

  • “The Carol of Joseph” - by For King & Country
  • “Joseph's Song” - by Michael Card
  • "Mary and Joseph's Song" by Marcia Boland and Phil Nash
  • "What Child is This?" designed by Michael Kleven

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