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Trinity’s Jubilation in Your Home & at Church is your family’s opportunity to share God’s Word, mercy and life together in Jesus, making disciples at home with support from Trinity’s Family of God at church. If you have questions or ideas about Jubilation, please contact DCE Scott Rauch at 309-251-2623 or The Jubilation in Your Home! family bags are available for pickup in the Foyer.

Jubilation at Home IN SEPTEMBER

God’s story with us is about His love for us as shown in Jesus and then our love for Him and others based on His way. This month's Story Focus will be on GOD CREATES, Genesis 1-2.

  • Read from the Bible the story of God creating from Genesis 1. On a second day, read about God's creation of Adam and Eve as shared in Genesis 2.
  • Watch the teaching video "God Creates" found on the Trinity Jubilation YouTube channel (link found above).

  • Encourage your older child to read in The Action Bible,  (pages 17-20).
  • With your younger children (2-6 years old) read “Where Did the World Come From?” an Arch Book.
  • The youngest children can read pages 18-27 in "The Storybook Bible." 

Parents, remember each month at home your family can:

  • FAMILY PRAYER TEN CARD: Use the suggested Lord's Prayer petition with your child.
  • Put the REMEMBERING WORK SHEET on your refrigerator and see if your family can speak together Genesis 1:31a twice a week.
  • LUTHER'S SMALL CATECHISM: Read these parts of the Catechism with your child/ren - Lord's Prayer 7th Petition & Conclusion, and Baptism Parts 1 & 2 (pages 13-16).
  • Download, print and have your kid work with any of the 23 ACTIVITY SHEETS or make one of the extra crafts!

Psalm/Hymn/Spiritual Song:

We have some meaningful songs you can use with your children at home.
Find them on the Trinity Jubilation YouTube channel : CLICK HERE

  • "God of Wonders (Agnus Dei)" -  Mac Powell/Moment
  • "In The Beginning" - Genesis 1-2 Creation Song - Jono Cooper
  • "All Creatures of Our God and King" - David Crowder Band

Jubilation at church


We will gather at  9:30 a.m. in the Jubilation Opening Area in the basement of the church for all families with children ages 2-11 years old  for the first week of Jubilation at Church. Families participating in Jubilation can look for the September At Home bags, which are are available now in the church foyer. Anyone families who have not participated in the past but would like to sign up may do so by contact DCE Scott Rauch.


Sept. 3: Opening Celebration, Story Review, then Playtime (2-3s - Bethlehem Room; 4-11s - Sanctuary Basement)
Sept. 10 & 17: Opening Fun Song & Prayer, and then Singing Rehearsal (2-3s; Little Levites [4-6]; Youth Choir [7-11])
Sept. 24: Story Review & Prayer, then Snack, Craft & Connection with Family Encouragers

Check out this month's downloadable materials

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Family Acts of Kindness

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