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Trinity’s Jubilation in Your Home & at Church is your family’s opportunity to share God’s Word, mercy and life together in Jesus, making disciples at home with support from Trinity’s Family of God at church. If you have questions or ideas about Jubilation, please contact DCE Scott Rauch at 309-251-2623 or The Summer Jubilation in Your Home! family bags are available for pickup in the Foyer.

Throughout this summer make time with your family to read in Galatians 5:22-25 about God the Holy Spirit's fruit that flavors our lives and the lives of those around us. 

  • Once or twice this summer, read as a family from Galatians 5:13-26 regarding Paul's thoughts on "freedom in Jesus" as he shares them with the people  who lived in the Galatian area (modern day Turkey). This is an important teaching section of the New Testament.

  • Encourage your older child to read "Jerusalem Council" in The Action Bible,  (pages 704-706) -- the Jerusalem church council was all about Barnabas and Paul's trip to the Galatian territory.
  • With your younger children (2-6 years old) read “The Fruit of the Spirit” an Arch Book.

Parents, remember each month at home your family can:

  • There is no Family Prayer Tent Card this summer. Just regularly pray with and teach your child the Lord's Prayer throughout the summer.
  • Put the Remembering Work Sheet on your refrigerator and see if your family can speak together Galatians 5:22-23 by the end of August. 
  • And, make use of the "Fruit of the Spirit" song on the Trinity Jubilation YouTube channel and learn to sing it together. CLICK HERE

Psalm/Hymn/Spiritual Song:

We have some meaningful songs you can use with your children at home.
Find them on the Trinity Jubilation YouTube channel : CLICK HERE

  • “Fruit of the Spirit” - (sung by DCE Scott Rauch)
  • “Joy” (For King & Country)
  • “Jesus Loves Me/Cristo Me Ama" - Danny Gokey - acoustic version in English and Spanish
  • And, check out anything from "Dudeperfect Kids" for some fun trick shots and other cool stuff for kids from the Dude Perfect guys.

Check out this month's downloadable materials

Summer Activity Sheets