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We are God’s family, expressing the Life of Jesus in Witness, Mercy and Life 

 Together Within our Families, Neighborhoods and Networks.


  1. Livestream 9:30 a.m. Sunday Worship 
  2. In-person, Sunday Worship Services (at 8:00, 9:30, 11:00 a.m.) with Holy Communion in our sanctuary (limited to 75 persons). 
  3. Drive-Through Communion Distribution (offered from noon – 1:00 p.m.)

Each week, the 9:30 a.m. Sunday Worship Service will be livestreamed. A taped version of this service will also be available for viewing approximately one hour after the service concludes. Click on the button above to access either of these options. You can also view these services through Trinity’s app, Trinity Peoria.  

To sign up for 8:00, 9:30 or 11:00 a.m. worship services on this Sunday, please click the BUTTON above for the corresponding service (link available as of noon on Tuesday). It will allow you to register for you and your family group. You will be asked to add the quantity of those attending with you, as well as to review the self-screening questions. Note: If you or any member of your family can answer ‘yes’ to any of the screening questions, please refraining from signing up. The entire liturgy will be printed in the bulletin and there will not be hymnals or Bibles available in pews.  Members can bring their own hymnal and Bible or use the EBOOK edition from CPH. 

Trinity family units can sign-up for a 5-minute time slot per vehicle through the BUTTON found above (link available as of noon on Tuesday) or by contacting Kerri through Trinity’s main office number (309) 676-4609. Note: Please refrain from signing up at this time if you have any signs of illness, including a fever or cough not associated with a known allergy or medical condition. Trinity pastors will conduct a brief service including: Invocation, Confession & Absolution, Lord’s Prayer, Distribution of the Lord’s Supper, and a Blessing.

Requirements to be present on the Trinity Campus:

1.  Preschedule self or group with the office staff so that safe distancing and room capacity can be accommodated.  Note: Outside groups will not be allowed to schedule until a later date to be determined.

2.  Minimize group sizes as much as possible.

3.  Minimize length of stay as much as possible.

4.  Review the following self-screening questions and DO NOT be present if you answer “YES” to any of the following:

— Have you experienced any of the following symptoms not related to seasonal allergies, chronic condition or medication?

  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing.
  • New or worsening cough.

— Have a temperature of 99.9 degrees or greater?

— Have at least two of these symptoms:

  • Chills
  • Repeated shaking with chills
  • Muscle pain
  • Headache
  • Sore Throat (not related to seasonal allergies)
  • New loss of taste or smell

— Have you had contact with anyone with confirmed COVID-19 in the last 14 days?

5.  Wear face masks without check valves at all times. Small groups with all members 100% vaccinated for COVID-19 may meet together without masks while in their designated meeting space.

6.  Sanitize hands upon arriving and before leaving the church building.

7.  Notify office staff of any areas that need to be resanitized.


If you were exposed to a person (masked or not):

  • With diagnosed COVID-19, who has symptoms (in the period from 2 days before the onset of symptoms until they must no longer home-isolate).
  • Who has tested positive for COVID-19 (laboratory confirmed) but has not had any symptoms.

Exposure is defined as having close contact with an individual (within 6 feet for a total of 15 minutes or more).

You should take the following precautions:

  1. Stay home until 14 days after the last exposure and maintain social distance (of at least 6 feet) from others at all times.
  2. Self-monitor for symptoms, checking temperatures twice daily and watch for fever, cough or shortness of breath.
  3. Avoid contact with people at high risk for severe illness from COVID-19.


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