Children's Ministry

Trinity’s “Jubilation in Your Home” is your family’s opportunity to share God’s Word, mercy and life together in Jesus, making disciples at home with support from Trinity’s Family of God.  Although Trinity’s Jubilation Sunday Children’s Ministry at church will not take place in person at this point, we are excited to work with you, so you and your children can grow in your faithful relationship with God through Jesus. If you have questions, please contact DCE Scott Rauch at 309-251-2623 or 

PARENTS: In April we take an in-depth look at Jesus’ death on the cross, as the disciple John shares it. Take time with your child/ren to read this from the Bible. In May, we’ll look at Easter, so we have two whole months to talk and learn about the work of Jesus accomplished “finished” on our behalf.


Children's Message:

DCE Scott Rauch will share the message “It is Finished/Accomplished” about what it means to accomplish or finish something we set our hearts to do — which is what Jesus did for us. 

You can watch with your child/ren, either on the Trinity Jubilation Facebook page or the Trinity Jubilation YouTube channel:

Jesus Dies For You
Video Story

Written by Mary Durham and read by Kim Vietti – Watch with your child/ren, on the Trinity Jubilation Facebook page or the Trinity Jubilation YouTube channel:

Jubilation Kid's Time

Our Jubilation Kid’s Time will be at 6:30 p.m. on Sunday, April 25 (for 15-20 minutes) on Google Meet. Check out the link on our calendar at 

Watch the videos with your child/ren and sing along. You can find them on the “Trinity Jubilation” YouTube channel.

  • The Lamb: Played and sung by the Warner Family.
  • I’ve Been Redeemed: Played and sung by Sidney Draksler, Rachel King, Lily Holloway and Scott Rauch.
  • Were You There When They Crucified Our Lord: by Andrea Thomas (there will be an Easter song from her as well — do not miss these versions!)


  • January: Daniel and the Lions 
  • February: Three Men in the Fiery Furnace
  • March: The Lord’s Supper
  • April: Jesus’ Crucifixion (John’s Gospel)
  • May: Jesus’ Resurrection (John’s Gospel)